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Messi, Ronaldo & Neymar Watch Baseball

    Lionel Messi looks like he just spent the night sleeping inside a bear after taking it down in an epic battle of The Revenant level proportions. Neymar looks like he got a makeover from Pauly D last week after a night of fist pumping and dancing on couches like Tom Cruise after doing shots of Fireball in a club with enough tiki torches for several Hollywood luaus that Vin Diesel is planning to attend. Cristiano Ronaldo looks like he split an Ambien with Roseanne after a heated session of instructing a yoga class on the beach and shooing away stray Golden Retrievers attempting to sidle up to him and become Marley to his me when he’s busy teaching a real estate agent how to do the downward dog while the waves crash and the echo of ice vendor calls rings in his ears that are usually covered with Beats headphones. 

    These are a few other things this dynamic trio had on the docket for their night on the town in the Big Apple. 

Audition for America’s Got Talent with their talent being their ability to be the most legitimate person in any room except for when they are all together in which case it gets kind of tricky and subjective according to the taste of the person who has created this hypothetical rubric (let’s just say that none of these guys would even chart on the radar of Drake’s Bum Rubric which is just sad unless Pusha T is making the rules then Drake would miraculously show up on his own bum rubric much to the chagrin of hardcore Degrassi fans)

Take selfies on the Empire State Building

Go on The Today Show without being asked but everyone is still pleasantly surprised they decided to come and they drink many bottles of red wine in the morning in celebration of all things great in life

Play a game of three on one against Kristaps Porzingis in basketball but they are allowed to use their feet 

Buy a hot dog from a vendor on Coney Island and make a bet with the dude about who will win the World Cup

Juggle a soccer ball through the streets of Manhattan 

Toss the first throw in before the Yankees-Mets game

Who's the best soccer player in the world?
Created 6/11/18
  1. Messi
  2. Ronaldo
  3. Neymar
  4. LeBron could do it

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