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The World Cup Is Coming To America


In a joint bid between Canada, Mexico, and US, the “United bid” beat out Morocco to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The 2026 World Cup will most likely feature 48 teams for the first time ever, making it the largest World Cup ever. 

Out of 211 FIFA nations, 200 cast their votes on Wednesday with the US receiving 134 compared to 65 for Morocco; the winning bid needed at least 104 votes. The US, Canada, and Mexico were exempt from the voting, along with US territories such as Guam, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. 

While both Mexico and US have hosted World Cups before, Mexico in 1970 and 1986 and US in 1994, this will be the first time that a trio of countries have hosted the World Cup together. The majority of the matches will be played on US soil. Of the 80, 10 will be held in Canada, 10 in Mexico, and 60 in the US.

US Soccer did not qualify for the 2018 World Cup for the first time since 1986, so the victory in their bid spared them a second round of blushes. The American federation spent almost 6$ million in order to bring to World Cup to America as Carlos Cordeiro traveled the world visiting voters in the months prior to the vote. The North American bid has promised FIFA a record $11 billion profit, more than double that of Morocco. 

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