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SQuiz: Croatia National Football Team

Croatia is taking the 2018 World Cup by storm. After going undefeated and winning their group in the Round of 32, they have rattled off three more consecutive wins to advance to the World Cup Final versus France. Let’s see how well you know this unlikely soccer powerhouse. 

After disbanding from Yugoslavia, what year was the modern Croatian national football team formed?
Created 7/11/18
  1. 1989
  2. 1990
  3. 1992
  4. 1994
How did Croatia finish its World Cup debut in 1998?
Created 7/11/18
  1. Eliminated in Round of 32 (Group Play)
  2. Lost to Romania in Round of 16
  3. Lost to Germany in Quarter-finals
  4. Beat Netherlands in Third Place Match
After reaching the World Cup Final in 2018, Croatia became the second smallest nation (by population) to play in the Final. Which country was the smallest?
Created 7/11/18
  1. Uruguay
  2. Sweden
  3. Hungary
  4. Belgium
During the team's 1998 World Cup debut, which Croatian player led the entire World Cup in scoring?
Created 7/11/18
  1. Zvonimir Boban
  2. Davor Suker
  3. Slaven Bilic
  4. Goran Vlaovic
Who is the captain for the 2018 Croatia national football team?
Created 7/11/18
  1. Ivan Rakitic
  2. Mario Mandzukic
  3. Domagoj Vida
  4. Luka Modric

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