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SQ Tennis Pick’Em: French Open 2016

We're back!

Here are our expert picks for the French Open 2016.

Welcome to our second ever SQ Tennis Pick’Em! We tried it in January with our wildly successful (for some *cough* Jonathan D’Rozario and Evan Selzer *cough*) first run, and after a period of critical acclaim (best SQ infographic of Q1 2016?), which included over two fan emails saying how much they enjoyed it (thanks, mom and dad), we decided to bring it back for an even more highly anticipated French Open edition. 

But you know what they say—sequels are rarely better than their originals (although I don’t suppose it can get much worse for Gaurav Shastri—just kidding), so we’re gonna have to up the ante. We’ll see how it goes. Without further ado, we present the SQ Tennis Pick’Em: French Open 2016.

Also, welcome to SQ Tennis Pick’Em to newbies Alex House and Justin Kelly! Pick wisely. 

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Edited by Jazmyn Brown, Evan Ludwig.

Coming into the 2016 French Open, which of these players had the highest clay court win percentage over their past 52 weeks?
Created 5/18/16
  1. Novak Djokovic
  2. Andy Murray
  3. Roger Federer
  4. Rafael Nadal

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