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Ole Miss Receives Two-Year Bowl Ban For Infractions

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Ole Miss football received their long awaited punishments Friday morning, as the NCAA handed the program a two-year bowl ban, along with 13 scholarship restrictions and a fine of $179,000, according to Chuck Rousaville of 

As part of the sanctions, each coach named in the NCAA investigation has been levied a show-cause penalty of various lengths, forbidding the coaches from coaching for denoted times. 

Since he was not named in the investigation, current head coach Matt Luke did not receive a show-cause penalty. Luke took over after former head coach Hugh Freeze resigned before the start of the season amidst the investigations. 

Freeze received a one-year restriction from coaching and was handed a show-cause penalty for failure to monitor his staff, according to ESPN’s Mark Schlabach. He will be suspended two games if he accepts a head coach position before next season, but will not receive penalty for accepting a assistant position. Any school that wishes to hire Freeze would have to appear before the infractions committee. 

Ole Miss football faced a total of 21 allegations, including 15 Level I violations, stemming from accusations of academic fraud, improper contact with prospects, lack of institutional control, and making payments to prospective recruits. The university contested nine of the 21 allegations in a Committee on Infractions hearing in September. 

Due to these allegations, Ole Miss entered 2017 playing under a self-imposed bowl ban, going 6-6 in their first season under Luke. Hopefully the Rebels can continue to thrive despite multiple penalties for their past incompetence. 

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