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Marcus Peters Melted Down And Threw An Official’s Flag Into The Stands

I guess Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters thought if he got rid of the flag the penalty is no longer in place because he definitely tried his theory out during today’s game against the Jets. 

The official called the Chiefs for defensive holding which caused Peters to pick up the flag and launch it into the stands.  In response, the official had to throw his hat to call unsportsmanlike like conduct on Peters.  

The ref threw a flag on Marcus Peters so Marcus Peters threw the flag into the stands and then the ref threw his hat as a flag on Marcus Peters throwing his flag because he didn’t have another flag

— Barstool Sports (@barstooltweetss) December 3, 2017

Things only get more confusing from here because then Peters left the field thinking he was ejected when he wasn’t only to return shortly after….and without socks. 


— Clay Wendler (@ClayWendler) December 3, 2017

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