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Muguruza Defeats Williams To Win First Wimbledon Title


For a moment at the Wimbledon women’s final, it looked like we had a chance to see history being made. Venus Williams, 37, appeared to be on a path to become the oldest champion of the tournament in the Open era.

Then back-to-back errors happened, and suddenly, things went from bright to bleak in a matter of moments.

Those mistakes happened while Williams was up 5-4 over Garbine Muguruza in the first set. Muguruza would win that game after taking advantage of the opportunity, and wouldn’t lose another one for the rest of the match.

The 23-year-old won the first set 7-5, then won the second set 6-0 to claim her first Wimbledon title.

In the second set, the younger legs of Muguruza appeared to impose it’s will on Williams, who looked physically exhausted and mentally distraught after losing the opportunity to win the first set.

The Wimbledon win is Muguruza’s second Grand Slam title after defeating Serena Williams at last year’s French Open. It also makes her the first to beat both Venus and Serena in a Grand Slam final.

Our Take
Charles Taylor
Senior Reporter, General NFL Reporter

It would have been a great story to see Venus Williams win Wimbledon and make some history, but it was just a matter of Garbine Muguruza having more left in the gas tank to finish. Muguruza took advantage of a lost opportunity by Williams, and it was over after that. At 23, the future looks bright for Muguruza, and if she plays like that, good luck to the rest of the women.

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