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June 27, 2013
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July 20, 2015

I respectfully disagree with this analysis. Calling up prospects because the major league team is bad is short sighted. Why bring up JP Crawford, when he hasn’t played more than 30 games in AA? He is working on refining his defense and hitting against left handed pitchers. He can continue to do this in the low pressure environment of the minor leagues and further refine his skills. What gain is there for the Phillies? They aren’t going to the playoffs this year or next. There is no reason to expose JP Crawford to the Majors before they are absolutely certain he is ready.

Additionally, why move Maikel Franco over to 1B? It is a lesser defensive position. Why not leave him at third for the remainder of the season to evaluate him defensively at a more difficult and important position? Howard, who is decidedly a below average major league 1B, is not blocking playing time for anyone who will be on the next contending Phillies team.

The Phillies rotation is a mess, and calling up Nola will be exciting for fans. Calling up Tom Windle, Jesse Biddle, and Zach Eflin before they are ready also could compromise their development. Windle is struggling with his command and was recently moved to the bullpen. He needs to straighten this out before he can become a realistic major league option. Jesse Biddle was just recently promoted to AAA and should spend some time there refining his command. Zach Eflin is only 20 years old and still needs to develop his slider to become more effective. There is no reason these three should be doing these things in Philadelphia. The reason Jerome Williams, Aaron Harang, and Chad Billingsley are in the rotation is to allow these prospects time to develop.

Patience is needed in this situation. After all, it took years of poor drafting and trading prospects to get the Phillies to this position. It will take them years to get out of this position. By the end of 2016, JP Crawford, Roman Quinn, Aaron Altherr, Jesse Biddle, Ben Lively, Zach Eflin, and Tom Windle should arrive in Philadelphia. The Phillies young players are getting closer, but let them arrive at their own pace.

in The Phillies Called Up Aaron Nola, But They Shouldn’t Stop There
7/20/15, 4:03 PM